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Ms. Pac-Man


Pac-Man Plus


Super Pac-Man

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Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man are back in the remakes of the original J2ME and BREW titles! Chomp all the dots before the Ghost Gang gets you in Pac-Man, explore new mazes in Ms. Pac-Man, or chomp on invisible items and rack up big points in Pac-Man Plus!

-Recreated based on the information and ROMs that have resurfaced.
-Level select!
-New enhanced mode! Put the freeze to the ghosts, teleport out of danger, mirror yourself to distract the ghosts, or stun the ghosts senseless for big points!
-Three modes of difficulty.
-Save data!
-Continue after losing all your lives! (Limit of 3 continues.)
-Pac-Booster! For all you filthy cheaters out there! (OG, Ms, and Plus only)
-Pac-Time! For those of you who can't handle how fast Super PAC-MAN is! (Super only)
-American and Worldwide super speeds! (Super for Windows only. Android's locked to American speed because it's easier to control.)
-Multiple sound styles!
-Secrets, easter eggs, hidden content, you name it!



The dot-munching, fruit-gobbling, ghost-chomping star of the show!


Pac-Man's significant other. She's more than Pac-Man with a bow!


The ghostly quartet will stop at nothing to chomp Pac-Man once and for all. Each ghost has their own personality.

BLINKY (RED): The fast and fearless leader of the ghosts.
PINKY (PINK, DUH): Smart and good at ambushing Pac-Man.
INKY (BLUE): Easily frightened and tends to be a little off-target, but watch out if he gets close!
CLYDE (ORANGE): The least intelligent ghost of the bunch.
SUE (ALSO ORANGE, PURPLE IN ENHANCED): The most fearful ghost of the bunch in Arcade Mode, but she means business in Enhanced Mode!

Screencaps and Mockups (subject to change):


Q: Are there actual mobile ports?
A: Yes, there are! They're Android-only though. iOS just simply isn't possible.

Q: Are those new mazes and powerups really new?
A: Not really. The mazes in Pac-Man and Plus are from the multiplayer mode from the European J2ME port of Pac-Man, and the powerups are from the American mobile port of Super Pac-Man. The enhanced mazes in Ms. Pac-Man are from Ms. Pac-Attack/Ms. Pac-Man Plus.

Q: What are the easter eggs?
A: We can't tell you, that would just ruin the fun.

Q: Is the Level 256 glitch there?
A: Sure is, but we can't show you what it looks like, as that will just ruin the surprise.

Q: Is there an arcade gamemode in Plus?
A: Not yet, but it's coming, so stay tuned!

Q: What are the three sound styles?
A: Namco WSG, Windows MIDI (Windows exclusive), Android MIDI (Android exclusive), and CMX MIDI. Before you ask, the MIDIs are just prerecorded, because having actual MIDIs would've been too hard.

Q: I don't like the Pac-Booster. Is it togglable?
A: Of course it is. Either we make it togglable or we just straight-up don't add it.

Q: How did you make that super accurate artwork? It looks like Namco made it!
A: I used Inkscape, and I usually just recycle assets. I'm not gonna give you them. also what does this have to do with the game

Q: Will there ever be a Jr. Pac-Man/Pac & Pal/Ms. Pac-Plus/etc.?
A: I've considered all of those and more, but I'm not sure yet. Pac & Pal's the least likely to happen, because we know the least about that one.

Q: Will there ever be ports for Mac and Linux?
A: We don't know yet. Worst case scenario: you can just use Wine.

Q: Is there controller support?
A: Yes, for Xbox controllers, at least.

Q: Why is Sue purple in Ms. Pac-Man's Enhanced Mode?
A: To make it seem less like "Ms. Pac-Man Plus but with powerups and non-broken fruit paths". She also has her Pac-Mania AI in this mode!

Q: Will you ever do the other Namco games like Galaga or Dig Dug?
A: Sadly, no. We don't know anything about them, code-wise. Besides, some of them are still lost (like New Rally-X) and we have no way of working off them.

Q: Will there ever be a Pac-Mania remake?
A: No. You are greatly overestimating our abilities.

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