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Pac-Man is back in this remake of the long lost J2ME title, with new treats to eat, new ghosts to chomp, and invisible mazes! Gobble up food to turn the ghosts blue and edible, but the ghosts, maze, and dots might disappear! Chomp on invisible items and rack up big points!

Implemented Features:
-Recreated based on the information and demos that have resurfaced.
-Enhanced 16-bit graphics and colorful mazes!
-Twists that have never been seen in the arcade version!
-Level select!
-New enhanced mode! Put the freeze to the ghosts, teleport out of danger, mirror yourself to distract the ghosts, or stun the ghosts senseless for big points!
-Three modes of difficulty.
-Save data!
-Continue after losing all your lives! (Limit of 3 continues.)
-Pac-Booster! For all you filthy cheaters out there!
-Three sound styles!

Features we hope to add:
-Some easter eggs here and there. We're not showing any of them off, that would just ruin the fun. You'll just have to find them yourself.



The dot-munching, cola-chugging, ghost-chomping star of the show! Disappearing obstacles and powerful ghosts can't fool him!


The ghostly quartet will stop at nothing to chomp Pac-Man once and for all, and thanks to the magic color-matching mazes and invisibility bonuses, they're more formidable than ever!

BLINKY (RED): The fast and fearless leader of the ghosts.
PINKY (PINK, DUH): Smart and good at ambushing Pac-Man.
INKY (BLUE): Easily frightened and tends to be a little off-target, but watch out if he gets close!
CLYDE (ORANGE): The least intelligent ghost of the bunch.


Coming soon... hopefully.


Q: Will there be an actual mobile port?
A: Hopefully there will be a port for Android. iOS is too hard to make apps for, and real J2ME just straight-up won't be compatible.

Q: Are those new mazes and powerups really new?
A: Not really. The mazes are from the European J2ME port of Pac-Man's 2-player mode, and the powerups are from the American mobile port of Super Pac-Man.

Q: What are the easter eggs?
A: We can't tell you, that would just ruin the fun.

Q: Will the Level 256 glitch be there?
A: Hopefully, but we can't show you what it looks like, as that will just ruin the surprise.

Q: Will there be a Plus Arcade gamemode?
A: No. If you wanna play Plus Arcade, download MAME and emulate it.

Q: What are the three sound styles?
A: Namco WSG, Windows MIDI, and CMX MIDI. Before you ask, the MIDIs are just prerecorded, because having actual MIDIs would've been too hard.

Q: I don't like the Pac-Booster. Is it togglable?
A: Of course it is. Either we make it togglable or we just straight-up don't add it.

Q: How did you make that super accurate artwork? It looks like Namco made it!
A: I used Inkscape, and I usually just recycle assets. I'm not gonna give you them. also what does this have to do with the game

Q: Will there ever be a Ms. Pac-Plus?
A: I've considered it, since Pookin has recreated the Ms. Pac-Man engine, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to make the decision yet.

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