Building Block World: Earl Makes a Movie

The cold opening is based on a dream I had in October last year where I was taking a walk and found and old, inflatable frisbee from the 90s that
claimed to be incredibly durable. I took it home with me and tried slamming it on the ground as much as I could. It deflated. At first I thought it was
because it was really old, but then I checked the box and found out it was made by Plyco, who were infamous in the 90s for making bad-quality toys, one
of which was a knockoff of Mr. Potato Head. He was a purple monster-looking plushie, and of course, his parts were removable. That's not referenced in this
cartoon, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

This is the first episode to have the intro. I felt like it went too long without an intro so I thought I'd make one. I would've made it sooner (in fact,
it was in consideration since the development of Episode 2) with Jack Lucas Caffrey on vocals (because I can't sing), but Jack insisted that he use live
instruments instead of singing over the instrumental that I made, so I held off on making an intro until development of this episode, when I decided that
I didn't really want vocals anymore.

The first segment is based on a dream I had in April or May with a stupid criminal pirate named Jaynga, who thought trucks were pirate ships and eyepatches
were used for navigation. He was called that because he loved the game Jenga. He robbed my house, kidnapped me, and threw me in the lake with the Stupid Invaders
fish. The water tickled for some reason. Then he was arrested and I found out that he was genetically cloned and not even real. The whole thing happened twice in
the same dream.

The second segment is based on a dream I had in August or September where I found a documentary on Pac-Man Plus Mobile, where the journalist was able to mod
out the timer from the demo. The extra mazes were weirdly shaped and were the same color as the first maze. (Someone in the Kahvibreak server thought it was real
for some reason.) Later in that same dream, I found a MASSIVE bag of Pac-Man macaroni and cheese, but it didn't include any cheese sauce/powder. Funnily enough,
a day after I had that dream, I found out that Pac-Man mac and cheese was REAL in the 80s, but it didn't come in a huge bag and it probably DID include cheese.

The repeating logo came from a dream I had in 2013 which had a CREDITS sequence. The logo looped until I woke up, and the credits music was the instrumental
of Peanut Butter Jelly Time. I WANTED to reference that in this cartoon, but I decided not to because 1, it's not a MIDI, 2, it's hard to MAKE into a MIDI, 3, I
don't really feel comfortable including copyrighted music in my videos, even though there's a BAJILLION videos with that song on YouTube that haven't been taken