Crazy Compositions: Chloe's Lookalike

This was the first episode released after a hiatus because I wanted to focus on Sue's Basics Rewritten.

This episode was originally gonna start with Wilson in his lab, working on a cloning machine, and Chloe using it prematurely. This opening was scrapped
because it was too much like Dexter's Lab, so I went with "Chole appeared in Chloe's dumpster one night", which was actually the original plan.

Chole's hairstyle was originally Chloe's "pre-series" hairstyle, and I wanted to keep it like that because she's meant to be an inaccurate knockoff of
Chloe. I changed it to Chloe's current hairstyle because I realized that if I wanted the "people think Chloe and Chole are the same" gimmick to work, I had
to make their hairstyles the same.

Matt's dialogue was recorded TWICE. Once with a lower-quality mic, then again with a higher quality mic which I intend on using to this day.

Development of this episode went smoother than the other two, because I came up with a technique: animate the easy scenes first, then work your way up
to the hard scenes. Though now that I think about it, doing it the other way around might be better. What do you think?

The scenes where Chloe wakes up, Chloe looks in her dumpster, and Cindy wakes up were all animated in Flash. They were all rendered in the lowest quality
setting so they could match the pixelated style of the Anime Studio scenes.

Cindy's line "Oh for crying out loud!" was recycled from the scrapped cartoon "Frankly My Dear".

After Wilson said "Why would I want anyone to starve to death?", Matt was gonna say "Well I wouldn't put it past you". I removed that line because it made
Wilson seem like more of a monster than he really was.

The part where Wilson comes to the park to take Chole was originally gonna be a lot shorter. Alex wrote the longer version because he wasn't really satisfied
with the shorter version. See, this is why I need more people to write than just me.

Wilson's line "Obviously, the more answers I get, the more questions I get" was ad-libbed.

The idea of Chole being a biter was CamCamtehCamsta's idea.

This is the first appearance of Jamm, though he doesn't say anything. His hairstyle is almost the same as Chloe's here.

This is my first time drawing a car, because I wanted Teresa to have one.

The fact that Matt's fridge contains soda, orange juice, and purple stuff is a reference to the old Sunny D commercials.