Behind the Scenes

Got bored and decided to make a page where I talk about stuff that happens behind the scenes of my content.

Building Block World: Our Story Begins

The entire plot was based on a dream I had in 2018 when I was on a month-long vacation.

Most of the characters were taken from some dreams I had. Guy and the Kool-Aid Man were taken from the aforementioned
dream, whereas Earl was taken from a dream I had in October 2020 where I was scrolling through YouTube and found
a video with a bunch of DuckTales references, and one of the clips was from a cartoon called "Lego World", which starred
Earl. I eventually saw Lego World on Cartoon Network a bit later but only saw the intro.

I was actually gonna give this series the "Lego World" title aswell, but I didn't wanna include copyrighted stuff in
my titles so I went with "Building Block World". Though that may've been a redundant choice since BBW contains a LOT
of copyrighted references. Welp, too late now.

This was the first cartoon appearance of Matt in any non-3DMM and non-MSAgent series of mine, though he doesn't say anything.

This is actually the pilot of BBW. I originally made this as a single short, but apparently people liked it (somehow)
so I made it into a full-fledged series.

There is no VHS filter, due to me not knowing how to do it at the time. I eventually reuploaded this for BBW's 1-year
anniversary with the VHS filter, and that's actually the version I uploaded onto Newgrounds.

In the original dream, Guy was a mentally disabled guy in a wheelchair and said "HDMI!" instead of "COMPOSITE VIDEO!"
and his voice was completely different. In BBW I decided to make him a recolor of Earl because I think it's a VERY BAD IDEA
to make fun of the disabled. I don't remember why I changed the thing he said though.

Building Block World: Earl to the Rescue

The first segment is based on a dream I had around 2014-2015 where I was in the arcade (though it was outside for some reason)
and I played a game called "Mountain Dew", which was literally just Tapper but on Donkey Kong-esque hardware. (I couldn't pull that
off in this cartoon though, unfortunately.) There were also arcade cabinets of Pac-Man and even Mr. Potato Head: Create and Play.
(In this cartoon, it's referred to as Potato game. Three, which is a completely different game.) When I was done playing Mountain Dew,
I found myself in my 2010-2011 home, but the cabinets and the manager were still there. I went to play Mr. Potato Head, but the manager
decided to pack everything up because the arcade was closing for the day, despite not being open for very long. I eventually found out that
the machines were MAME cabinets, which isn't shown in this cartoon.

The second segment shows Happy Worm in a construction paper field with an 8mm filter. Happy Worm first appeared in a dream I had around
April Fools 2021. I was at Walmart and saw a bunch of Intellivision peripherals and a bunch of Play-Doh canisters with sentient MSAgent toys
inside. (That wasn't referenced in BBW, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.) I brought my iPad with me and I was scrolling through YouTube.
I found a video called "Msagent shorts 3 in 1", which was an old stop motion home movie from the 1970s. It had very little to do with MSAgents,
nor was it a 3-in-1. It was just a video of a construction paper worm crawling and singing nonsensical lyrics. Also the Wabbit MSAgent appeared
for some reason, despite MSAgent not existing in the 70s. The entire thing was crudely animated.

The third segment was based on a dream I had in 2016, I think? I had finally got the incredibly rare Mr. Potato Head Popping Talking Tater
(yes it's a real product, and it's that rare) and it had composite output so I could plug him into my TV, which unlocked a gamemode called "Bitch".
It wasn't really a gamemode, he just said "Hello, let's play Bitch!" and started cussing me out. In BBW2 it's censored, because back then I
wanted BBW to not be vulgar. That idea didn't last long, because the next episode has a bit of cussing in it.

Building Block World: The Lie from Orbit

The only parts based on my dreams here are the part where Earl says "OHHHH NYOOOOO!" and the "Mr. Potato" segment. The "OHHH NYOOOOOO!"
part came from a dream I had where I was watching YouTube and every video ended with a guy saying "OHHHH NYOOOOOO!" before they can finish
their sentence. The Mr. Potato part comes from a dream I had where I went to this restaurant called "Mr. Potato" which looked really run down.
I asked for a cheeseburger and the waiter, Paul, insisted that I have a potato fruit salad. I almost ralphed. The place was built poorly, it
was really dirty, the dishes were broken and the cutlery was bent. I was forced to wash the dishes after declining the potato fruit salad. The
reviews were terrible.

The plot of this episode is based on episodes 2, 3, and 4 of FilmCow's self-parody series "charlie teh unicron". (Typos intentional.)
Segment 1 is based on Episode 4, segment 2 is based on Episode 3, and segment 3 is based on Episode 2.

Crazy Compositions: Pilot

This is my least favorite episode of Crazy Compositions, and I'm unsure how this pilot succeeded, but I'm glad it did, because that
meant I could make it into an actual series and improve on the flaws it had.

Chloe's hairstyle is the same as Matt's, which made her look like Matt's sister, which she isn't. Thankfully Tom (Totofer77) gave me
an idea for a different hairstyle.

I wasn't that great at designing backgrounds or writing at the time, which explains the simplistic empty backgrounds and the questionable

This was CamCamtehCamsta's first time voicing Chloe in a full project, which explains why her voice is higher than in the series. It was
lowered down in the series because I wanted Chloe to sound more mature.

Chloe was originally gonna be voiced by Minty Leaf, but she declined because she didn't like voice acting at the time.

The script went through several rewrites. Wilson was originally gonna appear in it, though I scrapped his appearance for reasons I can't
remember. Also, Matt and Chloe were originally gonna fall into a pit instead of noclipping out of reality. I scrapped that idea because I couldn't
animate that. The treasure was originally gonna be behind a locked door that opened itself after awhile. I scrapped that idea because it was stupid
and I couldn't animate doors at the time. I was still kinda new to animation at the time.

Ditzy Ditties: Potato Fruit Salad

This cartoon carried the "Potato Fruit Salad" trope from BBW over to Crazy Compositions.

This was the first appearance of Teresa, but she's pretty out of character here.

Mr. Insane was an old character I made, though I forgot the year. I repurposed him for this short.

There are a couple references in the store. On the left, there are a bunch of copies of Cartoon Studio, a parody of Anime Studio, the software
I use to make cartoons. On the right, the computers run Doors, an obvious parody of Windows.