Mr. Potato Head: Apple Run

This was mostly based on a dream I had back in February 2021, where I was watching Boomerang and saw a 1980s TV special of the same name,
but there are some differences. In my dream, the artstyle was more reminiscent of the Mr. Potato Head Family commercial. This video just uses
my artstyle. Also in the dream, Chip had a different name, though I couldn't remember what it was, so I just went with what I usually call the
kid, Chip. The first segment was also completely original, same for the part with the Screaming Potato Head. Everything else was based on the dream.

Since it was based on a dream I had, I wanted to add some weird aspects (like Mr. Potato Head's stick nose, Chip's levitation, and of course, the
Screaming Potato Head).

This was Minty Leaf's first time voicing Mrs. Potato Head, and she has a bit of a weird accent here. If I ever make more Mr. Potato Head cartoons,
she's not gonna have the accent. (Mr. Potato Head will still have his, though.)

Mrs. Potato Head's color scheme is different here. Normally I draw her with a brighter body, red shoes, and light blue eyeshadow. I decided to give
her a darker body, green shoes, and purple eyeshadow, to better reflect how Mrs. Potato Head appeared in the 80s.