Building Block World: Our Story Begins

The entire plot was based on a dream I had in 2018 when I was on a month-long vacation.

Most of the characters were taken from some dreams I had. Guy and the Kool-Aid Man were taken from the aforementioned
dream, whereas Earl was taken from a dream I had in October 2020 where I was scrolling through YouTube and found
a video with a bunch of DuckTales references, and one of the clips was from a cartoon called "Lego World", which starred
Earl. I eventually saw Lego World on Cartoon Network a bit later but only saw the intro.

I was actually gonna give this series the "Lego World" title aswell, but I didn't wanna include copyrighted stuff in
my titles so I went with "Building Block World". Though that may've been a redundant choice since BBW contains a LOT
of copyrighted references. Welp, too late now.

This was the first cartoon appearance of Matt in any non-3DMM and non-MSAgent series of mine, though he doesn't say anything.

This is actually the pilot of BBW. I originally made this as a single short, but apparently people liked it (somehow)
so I made it into a full-fledged series.

There is no VHS filter, due to me not knowing how to do it at the time. I eventually reuploaded this for BBW's 1-year
anniversary with the VHS filter, and that's actually the version I uploaded onto Newgrounds.

In the original dream, Guy was a mentally disabled guy in a wheelchair and said "HDMI!" instead of "COMPOSITE VIDEO!"
and his voice was completely different. In BBW I decided to make him a recolor of Earl because I think it's a VERY BAD IDEA
to make fun of the disabled. I changed the thing he said because I thought it was funnier.