Building Block World: Earl to the Rescue

The first segment is based on a dream I had around 2014-2015 where I was in the arcade (though it was outside for some reason)
and I played a game called "Mountain Dew", which was literally just Tapper but on Donkey Kong-esque hardware. (I couldn't pull that
off in this cartoon though, unfortunately.) There were also arcade cabinets of Pac-Man and even Mr. Potato Head: Create and Play.
(In this cartoon, it's referred to as Potato game. Three, which is a completely different game.) When I was done playing Mountain Dew,
I found myself in my 2010-2011 home, but the cabinets and the manager were still there. I went to play Mr. Potato Head, but the manager
decided to pack everything up because the arcade was closing for the day, despite not being open for very long. I eventually found out that
the machines were MAME cabinets, which isn't shown in this cartoon.

The second segment shows Happy Worm in a construction paper field with an 8mm filter. Happy Worm first appeared in a dream I had around
April Fools 2021. I was at Walmart and saw a bunch of Intellivision peripherals and a bunch of Play-Doh canisters with sentient MSAgent toys
inside. (That wasn't referenced in BBW, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.) I brought my iPad with me and I was scrolling through YouTube.
I found a video called "Msagent shorts 3 in 1", which was an old stop motion home movie from the 1970s. It had very little to do with MSAgents,
nor was it a 3-in-1. It was just a video of a construction paper worm crawling and singing nonsensical lyrics. Also the Wabbit MSAgent appeared
for some reason, despite MSAgent not existing in the 70s. The entire thing was crudely animated.

The third segment was based on a dream I had in 2016, I think? I had finally got the incredibly rare Mr. Potato Head Popping Talking Tater
(yes it's a real product, and it's that rare) and it had composite output so I could plug him into my TV, which unlocked a gamemode called "Bitch".
It wasn't really a gamemode, he just said "Hello, let's play Bitch!" and started cussing me out. In BBW2 it's censored, because back then I
wanted BBW to not be vulgar. That idea didn't last long, because the next episode has a bit of cussing in it.