Building Block World: The Lie from Orbit

The only parts based on my dreams here are the part where Earl says "OHHHH NYOOOOO!" and the "Mr. Potato" segment. The "OHHH NYOOOOOO!"
part came from a dream I had where I was watching YouTube and every video ended with a guy saying "OHHHH NYOOOOOO!" before they can finish
their sentence. The Mr. Potato part comes from a dream I had where I went to this restaurant called "Mr. Potato" which looked really run down.
I asked for a cheeseburger and the waiter, Paul, insisted that I have a potato fruit salad. I almost ralphed. The place was built poorly, it
was really dirty, the dishes were broken and the cutlery was bent. I was forced to wash the dishes after declining the potato fruit salad. The
reviews were terrible.

The plot of this episode is based on episodes 2, 3, and 4 of FilmCow's self-parody series "charlie teh unicron". (Typos intentional.)
Segment 1 is based on Episode 4, segment 2 is based on Episode 3, and segment 3 is based on Episode 2.