Building Block World: Earl Has a Problem

This episode was originally gonna be called "The Grand Adventure". I scrapped that name because I thought it had too much to do with the actual episode itself,
so I changed it to "Earl Has a Problem". As you know, the episode titles are meant to have nothing to do with the episodes themselves.

This was a pretty old script, written somewhere around 2021-2022, which was also around the same time I had the dream that inspired this.

Speaking of which, that dream was about me rescuing sentient balloons from different restaurants. Unlike this episode, there were different waiters/owners at
the restaurants, and the balloons didn't have faces, but they were still sentient.

The cold opening was not based on my dreams in any way, it was just something I added because I was bored.

This marks the first time I use my major cover of Break the Fireline, which I had actually made several months to a year beforehand.

The shitty movie Happy Worm's watching is the second episode of my very first (and absolute WORST) series, The Object Show. Generic name, I know.

The parts where Guy gets seriously deformed, Slam tells Paul that he sucks, and Gary's face becomes weird for a split second were all added near the last

Speaking of Gary's face becoming weird, that frame was drawn by Alex Parr, and the weird distortion at that frame was completely accidental.