Building Block World: Where's Earl When I'm A-Afraid?!

The title of the episode is a reference to VeggieTales' first episode, "Where's God When I'm S-Scared?!"

The entire thing was recorded on a real VHS tape, because not only did it give better results (duh), but it also didn't take nearly as long as the Blender filter.

I was gonna try color correction on this episode because it was so bright, but it ended up looking artificial so I decided to keep it vanilla.

WoopDoo is the voice of Will, and believe it or not, they actually went up to me asking about potential voice acting, and the thought never left me. The rest is history.

The cold opening was based on a dream I had in December 2022. I went to my grandparents' place and found what I thought was a corgi that could open doors. …from the inside.
...except it wasn't a corgi, I looked at it again and saw that it was a monkey that talked like a parrot. It said everything wrong though.
For example, "I want some popcorn!" came out as "I want some sopcorn!", which is all it said.
In this episode, it doesn't take place in my grandparents' place, and it definitely doesn't show the monkey opening doors from the inside.

The introductory segment of Pink and Purple/Penny and Patricia is based on a dream I had in February 2023. I went to a hotel and met two really fast superheroines, one purple, one pink. I forgot their names, so I decided to call them "Penny and Patricia", and their superheroine names would be "Pink and Purple".
Their powers came from ribbons that they put around their waist, and applying it even gave them their own super suits.
One day they found a criminal so wretched and would’ve stopped at nothing to stop said criminal. (In the episode the criminal was replaced with Jaynga.) The criminal was stopped, but the two moved so fast that Purple perished and Pink lost a lot of her back. Pink survived nonetheless, and went up to my hotel room to inform me that Purple died.
Then I woke up (dream in a dream) and told everyone about it, and I went to design their BBW counterparts, only to find out that the two were REAL… sort of. They actually originated from a cartoon.
Then I woke up for real. Of course, nothing beyond Pink's announcement of Purple's death happened in BBW.

The introductory segment of Will and Bea is based on a dream I had the same night as the Pink and Purple dream. There was a VRChat game that was a full-fledged neighborhood, and in each house was a game. The neighborhood was the home of two anthropomorphic animals. A green, nervous rabbit (male), and a squirrel (or a bear, female) who was a bit more direct and had some fancy footwork. In BBW, I decided to just make her a bear, because her species was too confusing in my dream.
I forgot the names of the two, so I decided to call the rabbit Will, and the bear Bea. Bea's name came from the fact that she was a bear, and "Bea" was just "Bear" without the R.
One of the houses was a game called “Kill the Bunny”, which took place during a period where the Will and the Bea were enemies. Eventually they made up and became a duo.
Will even had an origin story, he used to be an orange M&M with a weird symbol on his chest instead of an M. Imagine a sideways 8 with a vertical line in the middle. Then a nuclear accident turned him into a green bunny.
The neighborhood even had houses that led to episodes of their own webtoon, and even a movie theater. That wasn't shown in BBW, though.

The closing gag is a reference to Tomodachi Life.