Crazy Compositions: Strange Things

This episode wasn't my idea, it was actually Totofer77's idea. He gave it to me after I was struggling to come up with an idea.

The parts with Crate Boy and the crappy amusement park were based on some dreams I had. In one dream (from 2022 I think), Crate Boy appeared in a TV cartoon on Nickelodeon,
and in another one (from 2013?), I was at an amusement park, but the only thing open was a quiz with a robot thing that looked like one of the Amoeba Boys from
the Powerpuff Girls. The robot was very hot-headed, especially when I got something wrong, but when I won, he would sing a heartwarming song.

This is the first appearance of Cindy, Guy, Sylvia, and Wilson. Wilson's role was very minor and Guy and Sylvia were just background characters, but
Cindy's role was somewhat major.

The chalkboard changes every time it's shown onscreen. I thought it'd be funny to do that.

Cindy's first line and the rest of her lines were recorded in different sessions. Her first line was supposed to be ad-libbed, but RubyRedDead overlooked it in the script,
so I decided to just make her first line a written one.

Chloe's line where she talks about Plyco is ad-libbed.

I was planning to make the animation quality decrease every time the scenery changed, but I dropped that idea because I thought it was too stupid.