Crazy Compositions: Pilot

This is my least favorite episode of Crazy Compositions, and I'm unsure how this pilot succeeded, but I'm glad it did, because that
meant I could make it into an actual series and improve on the flaws it had.

Chloe's hairstyle is the same as Matt's, which made her look like Matt's sister, which she isn't. Thankfully Tom (Totofer77) gave me
an idea for a different hairstyle.

I wasn't that great at designing backgrounds or writing at the time, which explains the simplistic empty backgrounds and the questionable

This was CamCamtehCamsta's first time voicing Chloe in a full project, which explains why her voice is higher than in the series. It was
lowered down in the series because I wanted Chloe to sound more mature.

Chloe was originally gonna be voiced by Minty Leaf, but she declined because she didn't like voice acting at the time.

The script went through several rewrites. Wilson was originally gonna appear in it, though I scrapped his appearance for reasons I can't
remember. Also, Matt and Chloe were originally gonna fall into a pit instead of noclipping out of reality. I scrapped that idea because I couldn't
animate that. The treasure was originally gonna be behind a locked door that opened itself after awhile. I scrapped that idea because it was stupid
and I couldn't animate doors at the time. I was still kinda new to animation at the time.