Hey everyone, so this is my E-Mail! Ask me anything, and I'll answer it! My E-Mail address
is chloealence1997@gmail.com. Also this GMail thing from 2004 (the future!) is pretty cool!
Anyways, ask away!

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From: Anonymous
Subject: Pizza time!
"What's your favorite kind of pizza?"

Pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon, y'know, super meaty.

From: Anonymous
Subject: None
"What's your favorite video game right now?"

Matt's favorite video game is Pac-Mania, so that might be mine too.

From: Coralhorse10
Subject: I ask My Friend "Muted.Lost.Soul" Made a Fan Art of You and Your Friends, Chloe

Wait, what does "Crazy Compositions" mean? Are you calling us crazy? Anyways, nice fanart! ^V^

From: Anonymous
Subject: In response to your latest blog post (about GIFs)
"Personally, I think they add a bit of flair to your posts. It's like a bonus cartoon below
every post! I don't think you're posting too much at all."

Oh thanks!

From: Rallyxfan 144
Subject: Chloe Mii

What's a Mii? How did you make this?

From: Anonymous
Subject: Websites!
"What exactly do you use to make a website?"

I made this website in Geocities. Cindy does all the coding for me.

From: Ofek Cohen
Subject: Hot cinema history logo
"Heyyyy chloe! How ya doing? do you remember that user made a logo of hot cinema in theaters on
israel? Yours truly, ofek cohen."

I don't really watch logos for a living, sorry.

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